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SES Americom was a major commercial satellite operator of North American geosynchronous satellites based in the United States. The company started as RCA Americom in 1975 before being bought by General Electric in 1986 and then later acquired by SES S.A. in 2001. In September 2009, SES Americom and SES New Skies merged into SES World Skies.

A former employee said, "Americom is the most horrible place to work on the face of the earth. You always have to fight for you paycheck because they are always trying to RIP you off. This place is a revolving door because they are nothing more than a scam. Management thinks they are so motivating but all they do is harass and micromanage you. Stay as far away from this place"


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Fronter (Former Employee) says

"This is the most horrible place to work on the face of the earth. You always have to fight for you paycheck because they are always trying to RIP you off. This place is a revolving door because they are nothing more than a scam. Management thinks they are so motivating but all they do is harass and micromanage you. Stay as far away from this place Cons: No benefits"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worked at the west palm office when it was open would work 5:30-most days 6:30 pm i lived a hour away so no family time what so ever. no benifits. no life,"

Telemarketer (Former Employee) says

"I worked 3 productive days producing more results then the average new hire. I was able to get hired at the job that I wanted and when I requested my final check for the 3 days worked, it never arrived. I've been working in many jobs for the last 30 years from California to Florida and by far, this company is the worst when it comes to paying your final payroll check. I'm not a scorned employee, as I left my employment on my own recognizance. If you're looking for the typical Florida Boiler Room, then work here. otherwise, don't waist your time. They'll hire anyone who speaks clear English, but, has a turnstile as a door. Meaning that they have a very large turnover rate because most employees leave within the 3 days of training, as did I. Cons: They won't pay you for the 3 days you work for them during training."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Hostile workplace, no career advancement. Poor leadership and management. Lack of communication, poorly incentivized. Lack of HR management, not a stable working environment."

Sales/Implementation/Customer Support (Former Employee) says

"This job was very stressful. There is no vacation time and no benefits were offered at this job. Healthcare coverage is important to me."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is usually slow in the mornings but usually picks up in the afternoon. The easiest part of the job is the computer training. The most enjoyable part of the day is the afternoons."

Low Voltage Electrical Installer (Former Employee) says

"Management was very unorganized. He did not reimburse for time spent traveling nor for fuel, even if the mistake that was made that took us back to the out of town job was his. He did not pay on time. I had to text and call and chase him down to get my earings. Cons: unorganized, no reimbursement for time spent traveling or fuel."

Data Entry Representative (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work involves assisting the sales reps with logging and processing orders. Verifying orders with customers. Cons: unwelcomed harassment by employees"

Sales/Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Very poor business practices and not a productive business atmosphere. Hired from all the halfway houses and not a professional environment to have a productive career Cons: No Healthcare, lack of Management support"

Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"While with this company I excelled in their sales department. However when it came down to paying me my commisions, they failed to pay me for over one hundred deals."

Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"i liked it at first but in the end i didn't like it and in the end they were doing some things they had no business doing in their establishment. other things were going on in that company"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I am glad i had the opportunity to work there for the time I was employed but i took a leave of absence and was told my job would be safe and there for me when I got well again, unfortunately that was not the case I was hired back for 1 day then terminated because I was told my return employment was not approved by all parties. Which really hurt my feelings because working at that company had become like working with my family and thought that I had a very good relationship with owner/management staff. But boy was I wrong! I was turned away like a piece of trash! Cons: No healthcare and owners really dont care much about you, everyone is replaceable"

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Unless they've changed from the time I was there then their management needs some help in keeping their promises on the data side. As well as being accountable for their scheduling it was random if anything on where or what you were going to be doing from day to day. The owner is a good guy in the military community and support services. Cons: Middle management"

Junior Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"They give you a date when you are able to make the commission , but apparently it's up to the trainer,if they feel otherwise, then no commission.ridiculous. Cons: Trainers decide your commission insted of owner"

Sales Representative/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Always a new challenge. Fun and friendly coworkers who at any giving moment is will to take time out to help others to succeed in their work performance."

Senior Project Leader / Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company truly does care about it's long term employee's and if your on the top of the sales board you are given special treatment and bonuses. Overall if your just starting out in this field this job is a good starting point. You will have to learn the business by yourself their is no real management and constant harassment on your sales for the day. Cons: Compensation issues, Bad management"

Frontier (Current Employee) says

"If you can deal with people being mad at you, constantly changing products, and being bored, then this is the place is for you. Cons: What we can and can't sell keeps changing, job is never safe unless your a higher up person and sitting all day isn't my idea of a good day."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"It was a nice place to work. Working there is hard becuase it's a numbers game. Cons: numbers game"

Contract Swith Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"This is a DOD contract on Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, NM. I like my job and co-workers but VOIP is replacing the Nortel SL-100 and the Network Department will be resonsible for that system. This puts me out of a job here in the near future. Cons: This is a contract position."

Former Employee - Fronter Genie's Stooge says

"I worked at AmeriCom part-time for less than a year Cons: Accepting their lies. 35 hours a week. Dead end job."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at AmeriCom full-time for less than a year Cons: Many. False promises. They say you are full time but only pay for 35 hours"

Gary MIllar says

"Leaf can not and will not give you a full breakdown of your loan. You will never know how much you have left on your loan. Statements only show the current month bill, no balance. you will have to call every month to find out what the balance is and keep track of it yourself. They do not keep records of it. The balances i received monthly went up and down, never consistent and they could not explain it...... ever. ZERO transparency."

Bill says

"Had 9 dealings with this company first 7 good last 2 terrible won’t use them again"

Dong Wuk says

"I was not told about $995 doc fee and it had to be made at once. I called Arun and asked him. He was just laughing and insisting that was on contract. At the time of the contract, I asked him if there was anything that I need to know before I sign, but I was never informed about this. I asked for his manager for any comments about this situation. However, I am not receiving any calls from him or his manager. This is a totally unacceptable attitude towards your business partner. I will pay for my dues, but Leaf won't be our business partner anymore. We are planning to open the new store next year. But I won't call you anymore."

Shawna DeBoer says

"What a horrible experience I just had with these folks. They will approve you and then ask for more info and do a real approval. The initial approval is meaningless, don't fall for it! Durk"

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